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Who We Are

National Healthcare Access (NHA) has worked exclusively in the employee benefits arena for over 20 years. Unlike multi-line insurance agencies, the firm is 100% dedicated to employee benefits. Founded in 1990, NHA has built strong relationships with health insurance carriers since its inception. NHA will develop a benefits strategy, implement, and effectively manage your employer based benefit plan.

Our staff has extensive experience and training in the benefits arena and are ready to assist you, your family members, and your team members.  Whether it’s conducting annual reviews, designing a health plan strategy, creating wellness initiatives, or providing billing & claims support, we are here to help you.

We are dedicated to working closely with our clients to ensure they have the best possible benefits in place for their business and their employees.  We are a locally owned family insurance agency you can trust.

Building Trust

You get a team of professionals that understand the complexities of the health insurance field in order to help you navigate through healthcare reform. We become true partners with you, our client, which allows seamless transitions between coverage and carriers. We concentrate on educating our clients and their employees in order to ensure efficient utilization, execution, and management of your healthcare dollars.

Compliance & Education

Compliance has always played a vital role in employee benefit plans. Since the inception and implementation of the ACA, staying compliant has become a challenge for most employers. NHA is committed to staying at the forefront of compliance and we help guide our clients through these challenges. NHA educates employers and employees about their rights and responsibilities as healthcare consumers and how to utilize their benefits effectively.

Using Our Experience To Serve You

NHA’s extensive industry experience will benefit our clients whether we are negotiating rates and contracts or simply negotiating a claim for an employee. Simply put, experience is a benefit for you. We represent YOU, not the insurance carrier.  While we have built great relationships with the nations top carrier’s, at the end of the day, our loyalty is to our clients and it has been since day 1.